NuShoe working with FDRA to meet factories in Dongguan and Xiamen, China

Together Eric and Jim have made three trips to Asia meeting directly with factory management, as factories are generally saddled for the cost of the quality corrections. We have designed the NuShoe corrections program be an unbiased dispute resolution system that is accepted by both the brands and factories. Additionally NuShoe joined the Footwear Retailers & Distributors of America (FDRA), to increase exposure to the industry and speak at various seminars and trade shows.

Noteworthy competitive advantages for partnering with NuShoe are:

  1. Price: we offer the lowest prices in the repair and corrections space;
  2. Speed and quality: we will maximize your return to stock inventory, and meet you deadlines to avoid costly chargebacks or penalties;
  3. Multi-Platform: we offer much more than quality corrections;
  4. Experienced. Almost all clients become repeat customers. NuShoe performed over 150 quality projects in 2015 and has repaired over four million pairs of shoes;
  5. Adaptability: We plug into our customer’s policy and procedures;
  6. Integrity. Both Eric and Jim believe that being fair, discrete and equitable is the key to prosperity; and
    Footwear is a fashion business and brands are always looking forward, seeking to capture their share of emerging market trends.


Millions of SKU’s are produced and sold each season. This creates issues common to all brands:

  • consumers seeking credit for returns
  • quality problems, even with the best of brands
  • dated inventory, and
  • B-Grade shoes held in factory Finished Goods warehouses that end up in local night markets or internet sales sites.

NuShoe has the experience and capabilities to ramp-up services to counter these ‘reverse measures’ that will ultimately prove to be an investment and not an expense for our clients. By choosing NuShoe, brands can re-allocate resources and warehouse space to accommodate the sales and distribution of new seasonal products. Lastly, one further benefit to outsourcing back-room programs offered by NuShoe are the End-of-Life alternatives that quantify a company’s Eco-Rating and greatly enhance their sustainability program.