Fall Delivery Issues? Quality creep? “Don’t Forget the Shoes!”

NuShoe’s Quality Corrections offers the best dispute resolution process.


1. Don’t Forget the Shoes!

We are seeing an uptick of quality related issues from both brands and factories attributable to the transfer of programs outside of China. As multinationals scramble to find new sourcing suppliers to offset the Trump tariffs, remember the quality lesson from a wizened old shoe dog, ‘Don’t Forget the Shoes!’ If your customers need fast and superior repairs, inspections, or repackaging, NuShoe can help save your inventory by offering the lowest quality corrections program in the business. We manage disputes!

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2. Sourcing Alternatives

We’ve been at this a long time and our list of factory partners outside of China is long and extensive. If you are stumped on how to reduce your dependency on China let us help direct you to one of our many trustworthy and competent sourcing partners to fit your needs.

Please contact Jim Musial for ideas. jamesmusial@nushoe.com

3. Sustainability: Where Do I Start?

NuShoe offers instant Sustainability to brands with little upfront cost and no additional resources required. Now is the time to service your customers with a refurbishment program. We can have your brand up and running in a very short time, giving your customers alternatives for restoring their existing footwear back to new. We can also arrange for revenue sharing that will generate a new income stream for your brand. Offering refurbishment is one big step in establishing a sustainability program that will instantly improve your Higg Index score by up to 30%.

Email ericneuner@nushoe.com for more information.

NuShoe Inspect and Correct

NuShoe offers the lowest priced QC repairs & mold remediation services in the shoe industry . . . none lower!

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NuShoe Services

“Assurance Insurance”

  • Mold and mildew removal and treatment
  • AQL inspections
  • Repackaging, ticketing, labeling and tagging
  • Stitching repairs
  • Quality control inspections and grading
  • Sole and adhesive repairs
  • Odor removal
  • Buckle and hardware replacement
  • Sock liner issues
  • Upper refinishing, toning and finish corrections


Email ericneuner@nushoe.com for help with your quality or inspection issue.

NuShoe’s Value Propositions:

  • Unmatched Pricing
  • Experienced Inspectors & Cobblers
  • Seasonally Scalable
  • Speed – get your inventory returned to stock ASAP
  • We’re Discreet

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