NuShoe Inspect & Correct Can Save Your Inventory

It has become a self-fulling prophecy that we wish on no brand, retailer, or manufacturer. Purchase orders that have been sitting longer than expected in factory finished goods warehouses or offshore 3PL’s due to Covid 19 restrictions have finally been received by brands or customers, but under the cover of mold. At NuShoe we have been busier than normal cleaning mold from footwear for our most valued clients. We are experts in restoring footwear back to that new out-of-the box scent & feel, new tissue paper and all. And though our technicians might not be saddled with Proton Packs, we offer the next best thing, the NuShoe mold busting, hazmat safe way, to clean and salvage your high-priced inventory. Don’t be talked into destroying moldy shoes or boots as we are experts in cleaning mold and restoring products back to a camera-ready crispness that looks like it was hand-picked from your catalog. We act as trusted and independent dispute resolution professionals with one goal in mind, to be the definitive footwear industry solution provider. So, next time you have a container full of problems, who ya going call?

Risk Avoidance Programs

I. Quality Corrections

It’s a fact that supply chain sources are shifting dramatically, at the same time when operations teams have been sequestered from traveling. Many emerging footwear strategies will be limited to webinars from the corporate office to teams on the ground, with a hope & prayer to best execute new plans. Further, your internal quality assurance systems may be left solely to the discretion of a new manufacturing team, in a new country, increasing the likelihood of missing specific brand requirements. Should these plans fail know that NuShoe is standing by to make any needed quality repairs and corrections before shipping to your customers.

II. Sustainability “Lite”

Sustainability. “How can I start?” Simply by calling NuShoe. We are growing our re-soling / refurbishing business with brands that understand the importance of offering an extended life service for their customers. This is truly a sustainable program that pays dividends in customer loyalty and easily increases your Higg Index end-of-life scoring. A sustainability program with NuShoe can be launched painlessly. No need to allocate time, space or resources because we do all the heavy lifting. It is your program, your brand facing, and your customer benefits. Email us today and you can be sustainable starting in 2021. We will be showcasing more details in the next edition of our newsletter.

III. E-Commerce Returns

As brands transition from brick & mortar to e-commerce don’t let your brand get backlogged with the untimely clearing of customer returns. Redirect your consumer returns to NuShoe and all required data is captured and sent to your customer service teams. This amounts to a huge savings through a reduction in resources, less warehouse space and with an all-important rapid response time. We clear all customer returns in a 24-hour period.

Let us ‘back stop’ your customer service and sourcing teams, we are risk mitigators focused on being your discreet ‘behind-the-scenes’ provider.

Inspection & Correction Specialists

“Assurance Insurance”

  • Mold and mildew removal and treatment
  • AQL inspections
  • Repackaging, ticketing, labeling and tagging
  • Stitching repairs
  • Quality control inspections and grading
  • Sole and adhesive repairs
  • Odor removal
  • Buckle and hardware replacement
  • Sock liner issues
  • Upper refinishing, toning and finish corrections

NuShoe’s Value Proposition

  • Unmatched Pricing

  • Experienced Inspectors & Cobblers

  • Seasonally Scalable

  • Speed – get your inventory returned to stock ASAP

  • We’re Discreet

Where Can We Help You?

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