The NuShoe Working Model

We Are Your USA Solutions Partner

We are NuShoe. We have over 23 years experience in the footwear repair business. Located in San Diego, California, USA, NuShoe caters to brands, retailers and manufacturers with Distribution Centers from the West Coast to the Midwest. We specialize in finding remedies when containers arriving from Asia do not meet quality expectations. Our range of services is listed below and we can fix or repair most types of footwear problems. We are also experts in cleaning mold from shoes & boots.

It happens in the best of factories: an email or call from the QA department of your customer announcing a problem with a recent shipment from your factory. Solutions are minimal since there are limited resources available to the brands. Your factory is 12k kilometers away and the brand is pushing you for answers, or worse, threatening to issue a debit note for loss of business. What do you do? Now you can follow these three simple steps:

Step 1. Contact NuShoe for a low cost quote

Step 2. Send a random sampling of the problem

Step 3. Arrange to have the container shipped to NuShoe

NuShoe is emerging as the largest resource provider to Asian manufacturers seeking fast answers to global problems. At NuShoe we stand ready to serve as your ‘silent partner’ providing our low cost services to large scale problems at prices that are deeply discounted to the charge-backs issued by the brands. We are the preferred ‘Assurance Insurance’ partner to many multinationals helping to deliver on time, maintain profits and most importantly, keep the customer satisfied. NuShoe currently works with more than 100 factories and over 60 brands for quality services.