Plan ahead for the busy season

Summer is in full swing and the busiest time of year for footwear manufacturers across Asia. With fall selling-season deadlines fast approaching and delivery dates agreed to months ago, factories are challenged to maintain high quality standards during this hot & humid peak season. Any departure from the signed confirmations samples and factory’s run the risk of hefty chargeback’s by the brand or retailer.

Located in San Diego, California, USA, with 23 years of experience, NuShoe specializes in finding remedies to alleviate excessive chargeback’s when containers arriving to US Distribution Centers do not pass QC inspection. Our full range of services is listed below and we can fix or repair most any type of footwear problem. We are also experts in cleaning mold from boots & shoes.

In our last Newsletter we let you know the simple 1, 2, 3 Steps for contacting NuShoe for all your footwear solutions when shipments arrive at your customer’s Distribution Center and require remedial work:
当货物到达你的客户配送中心需要做补救工作时候,你们按照我们下面的简报的1, 2, 3个步骤联系牛鞋(Nushoe)为您解决问题:

Step 1. Contact NuShoe for a low cost quote

Step 2. Send a random sampling of the problem

Step 3. Arrange to have the container shipped to NuShoe

In today’s Newsletter we’d like to provide a sampling of testimonials from our clients and customers as to the cost-effective services that NuShoe provides to more than 100 Asian factories, over 60 brands and the individual consumer that uses NuShoe for their personal handcrafted shoe renewal.

Below is just a sampling of satisfied customers from our website and emails:

“The shoes (work boots) came back like new. Would definitely use again!!!!!!!!!” Stuart H.
“鞋子(工作靴)又像新的一样,肯定可以再次使用!!!!!!!!!”Stuart H.说

“Will be sure to use your service again! Easy to send and easy for the return. You’re the best. Keep it up!” Anne A.
“一定会再次使用你的服务!非常方便发送,退货。你是最棒的。加油!” Anne A.说

“Hello. Just wanted to send a note as to how happy I am with the work that was done. I am so happy I came upon your web site. Thank you for you workmanship and great customer service too.” Dee D.
“你好,只想在此说明我对所做的工作感到多么高兴。我很高兴来到你们的网站。谢谢你的手艺和出色的客户服务。“Dee D. 说

“Jeff, I want to thank you for your speedy return of my boots, and for the excellent workmanship your company have displayed. My compliment on a job well done. I’ve already shared your company with several colleagues, and will certainly contact you again.” Rick C.
“Jeff,我要感谢你们如此迅速将我的靴子送回来,也感谢你们公司的精湛工艺。我对你们工作的十分肯定。我已经和几位同事分享了你的公司,我们会再和你联系的。”Rick C.说

“I WILL be using you folks again. Beautiful work.” Bruce

“Your repair crew did a fabulous job. They look like new and feel perfect. Then you so much for the wonderful service.” David